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The Green Journey cuts through the fog of confusion around fleet sustainability, providing fleet managers and operators with a clear roadmap for reducing emissions and costs.

Govt to spend £37m on car charging infrastructure

The Department for Transport has said it plans to invest in engineering projects aimed at improving the current infrastructure for charging hybrid and battery electric vehicles. It said it will spend £37 million on revolutionising the driving experience for those…

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Demand dips in June for UK LEV market

Demand for low-emission vehicles (LEVs) in the UK took a dip in June, new figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have revealed. It was the first time in 26 months that demand for LEVs has fallen…

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Is London the greenest city for vehicles?

It might have been increasing its number of congestion zones in a bid to curb pollution lately, but new research has suggested London is actually the greenest city in the UK. At least, that’s if you’re taking the number of…

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Businesses ‘need more support’ to make electric vehicles a viable option

Business owners may be keen to adopt electric vehicles as part of their fleets, but more needs to be done to ensure they are able to do so. This is the suggestion of the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) 2019 Logistics…

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Nissan celebrates Clean Air Day with ice cream van conversion

It’s not been the best of summers so far, but Nissan hasn’t let the rain and soggy weather spoil its positivity of glorious sunny days to come. Indeed, the manufacturer has embraced the traditional British ice cream van and created…

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