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The Green Journey cuts through the fog of confusion around fleet sustainability, providing fleet managers and operators with a clear roadmap for reducing emissions and costs.

The Rainforest Toolkit

Cool Earth’s Rainforest Toolkit equips a village with the resources they need to keep their forest standing. As well as agricultural tools, such as hoes, machetes, and spades, the kit contains mosquito nets, blankets, cloth, pots and pans to help…

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Poisoned Amazon: Nothing Safe to Drink

The Amazon has more water than any other river in the world. Along its 4,049 mile length, 500 tributaries feed into it. Every day it produces enough water to meet the needs of New York City for nine years. And…

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How Chocolate Bars Deforestation

Our partner villages in Peru have a surprising weapon in the fight against loggers: chocolate. Growing in their forest gardens is criollo, the world’s finest cocoa beans. Making up a fraction of the world’s chocolate production, criollo is the most…

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Cool Earth say thank you to CO2Count

A little over a year ago you launched a product called CO2Count. As the name suggests, it helped your customers get a handle on their carbon footprint and gave them the sort of information that is critical for any attempt…

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