Written by: Callie

Posted on June 4, 2015

Sustainability and Cost Savings for your fleet.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is being run by the Environment Agency as a mandatory energy assessment scheme for all large businesses who meet the specified requirements.

The scheme has been initiated to improve environmental sustainability whilst increasing business profitability, by requiring audits of all energy usage throughout the business.

The affected companies will have to start submitting energy reports on all areas of their business for the December 2015 deadline. This includes energy used by the transport section of the business, as well as other areas such as lighting, heating, office equipment and more.

An estimated £2bn can be obtained through energy efficiency saving by UK companies, with up to 25% of the transport cost reduction being identified in mileage and fuel monitoring.

In order to present the relevant information, the records need to be collated over a continuous 12 month period and the transport segment of the assessment must include:

  • Fuel purchased for use with company cars
  • All business mileage in Company Vehicles
  • All business mileage in Grey Fleet vehicles
  • All journeys starting and ending in the UK

Gathering the above information about your fleet may come at a cost if you haven’t previously kept accurate records of fuel transactions or mileage. The required information will help you get a clear overview of your transport expenses and help you identify energy saving opportunities to reduce fleet costs.

With MileageCount from Fuel Card Services you can keep accurate records of your driver’s journeys and fuel transactions all in one place and easily access the required data through functional reporting and a company dashboard.

Download our ESOS guide here.