Top 10 reasons to be green

Written by: Callie

Posted on September 10, 2014

Sustainability and environmental awareness are now well ingrained in all of our minds. Many people now recycle waste that would have gone to landfill 10 years ago as part of their daily routine. And with the growing price of household bills, the majority of people make efforts to reduce their usage by turning off lights when not in use, not running the heating constantly when not needed, or using eco-friendly appliances.

But this is taking some time to transfer to businesses, despite the many benefits that it can bring to the table.

That’s why we’ve put together our list of the top 10 reasons to make your business more sustainable and join us on our Green Journey.why-go-green

1. It saves money – by understanding how we waste energy and materials, we automatically learn how to save. This helps save resources and cut energy bills.

2. It reduces your tax bill – there are already a series of methods the government has to penalise companies for being unsustainable including climate change levy and landfill tax, and there are more planned for the future.

3. It is good PR and creates a company/brand wide halo effect. Companies that are seen to be becoming more sustainable have a great chance to create good media noise to publicise this. It is already clear that consumers prefer to choose companies that are ‘green’.

4. Green businesses draws job seekers during recruitment. Generation Y workers seeking jobs prioritise companies that are striving to be more sustainable.

5. Businesses who are working towards sustainability targets can help to engage current employees. Lots of people are working to be more green in their own lives and can relate to their company doing this in the workplace creating engagement.

6. Get ahead of the game. Meeting future sustainability targets early will help in the long run. It is better to meet regulations before they come into effect as you can spread the cost over a longer period, rather than needing to implement costly measures at the last minute.

7. Investment pays off. It is easy to calculate breakeven points for reducing energy and fuel costs with readily available tools and calculators on the internet to see how long different measures will take to repay the initial investment and start making money.

8. Non-renewable materials will become much more expensive in future years as they start to run out. Switching early to renewable sources can help you to reap the benefits and save money now and in the long run.

9. Small companies can benefit as well as larger companies, from being resourceful which sustainability enables. Savings through ‘green’ targets, even if small, can add up to put small businesses ahead of the competition.

10. Companies that set meaningful goals and achieve them can publicise their success. Set your business targets, create some PR around your start on the Green Journey and continue to publicise your efforts and progress. When you have reached or surpassed your targets, you will have the chance to really shout about it and show off your success!

The Green Journey can help you to manage your fleet’s environmental impact and make you more sustainable – download our brochure or contact us to get started.