The Rainforest Toolkit

Written by: Callie

Posted on July 10, 2013

Cool Earth’s Rainforest Toolkit equips a village with the resources they need to keep their forest standing.

As well as agricultural tools, such as hoes, machetes, and spades, the kit contains mosquito nets, blankets, cloth, pots and pans to help improve the lives of Cool Earth’s rainforest partners.

This year, Cool Earth has provided toolkits for the villages of Tangoari, Alto Coveja and Manitiari.

Tangoari was the most recent village to join the Ashaninka Project. Situated in the higher slopes of the Ené Valley, the village looks across the forest canopy to the Andes Mountains on the horizon. With no other means of earning an income and with the village in poverty, Tangoari would have had little option but to accept the small amount of cash offered by illegal loggers in return for their most valuable hardwood trees.

Now Tangoari is united with fourteen of their neighbouring villages working together to safeguard the forest. Cool Earth’s next step for Tangoari is to install solar radio communications, which will plug the village into the valley’s response network against logging.