Thank you – You Built a School

Written by: Callie

Posted on September 8, 2015

Thanks to your efforts at Fuel Card Services the children of Parijaro are looking forward to the new term.

Today sees the completion of a 325-metre high tower deep in the Brazilian rainforest that will analyse the Amazon rainforest's gas emissions.A fair deal for Cool Earth cacao growers in the Amazon

It was Cool Earth’s birthday back in June. Eight years old and proud as punch. And you were certainly generous with the presents – you helped to build a new school in Parijaro.

Parijaro is our most remote village partner, fifteen hours by boat and trek from the nearest town. Last year you helped equip a village clinic there and bought a coffee huller (it’s even better than it sounds). And thanks to you, we raised enough money in June to build a school.

Of course, raising the money is just the first step. Putting the building up in 100 degree heat and 100% humidity is another matter.

But in just five weeks the village has rallied round and turned your generosity into two lovely classrooms, a water tight store room, 62 chairs, 34 tables and a volleyball court.

cool earth new rainforest school in parajaro volleyball


So whilst families around the world might be dreading the start of the school year, for the children of Parijaro you’ve given them the best back-to-school present ever.

cool earth new School blsckboard