Plan to make a difference

Written by: Callie

Posted on October 23, 2015








Governments, both in Westminster and Brussels, are determined that fleets have a part to play in delivering progress in sustainability overall. Some measures are already mandatory, while other endeavours are merely encouraged. There is one certainty: every business can expect increasing legislative pressure to demonstrate real effort towards long-term sustainability.

Meanwhile, rainforest inhabitants can hardly afford to think into the long term. Every year, an area the size of Iceland is lost to loggers and tens of thousands of people are already living within a short walk of the edge of deforestation. The people need help and they need it now.

You can play your part with company-wide sustainability goals, particularly in the area of fleet management. Sustainability delivers real bottom-line benefits, from cutting day-to-day running costs to reducing whole-life vehicle costs. Take advantage of third-party expertise, just as you would in any other area. If another organisation has already taken the same route towards sustainability, exploit their experience to smooth your own voyage.

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