Sustainability may be an objective in itself,
but taking the Green Journey can deliver valuable pay-offs along the way.

MileageCount can help. If your vehicles are better driven, better maintained and cover fewer miles, they will last longer. That means spending less on repairs, with longer intervals between replacements, delivering obvious financial gains.

How is it possible?

  • Ensure that all drivers are properly licenced, properly trained.
  • Prevent late or incorrect vehicle servicing.
  • Acquire services, parts and consumables cost-effectively.
  • Confirm that regular routes are the most efficient possible.

These are just some of the benefits available with MileageCount, our class-leading fleet management software.

With MileageCount, you can easily: 

  • calculate the whole-life costs of any and all vehicles
  • match actual vehicle costs against forecasts
  • create a vehicle replacement policy, based on accurate information
  • use accurate data to negotiate better deals with suppliers
  • buy everything from tyres to exhausts at a discount.
  • record every journey to within metres.

Three levels of sophistication allow an exact match for your needs. Find out how to request a free trial of MileageCount.

Eliminating paperwork is a real advance.


See how, while paying less for fuel, here.