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The Green Journey cuts through the fog of confusion around fleet sustainability, providing fleet managers and operators with a clear roadmap for reducing emissions and costs.

Two new plug-in hybrid engines coming to Peugeot 3008 and 508 in 2019

Peugeot will launch two new plug-in hybrid powertrains from next year. The HYBRID and all-wheel-drive HYBRID4 petrol-electric plug-in powertrains will be offered in the Peugeot 3008 SUV and all-new 508 and 508 SW model ranges in autumn 2019. Both powertrains…

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Quebec turns to BAE Systems for hundreds of new hybrid buses

When Quebec’s official transport body needed a batch of hybrid buses, who do you think they called? Toyota? Nissan? How about British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company BAE Systems? It may not be the most obvious vehicle provider but…

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Ford Transit unveiled as diesel mild hybrid, coming mid-2019

Ten years ago, the idea of a ‘green van’ was pretty laughable. Vans are traditionally nonsense, bulky, bolshy workhorses and on the whole, the people that drive them aren’t bothered about what comes out the back-end. Fast forward to 2018…

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One in 12 new car buyers chose a hybrid or plug-in car in August

Sales of hybrid and plug-in cars almost doubled in August, despite being one of the year’s quietest months for the UK new car market. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 7,489 alternatively fueled vehicles (AFVs) were…

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Getting creative with sustainability

“It’s not easy being green”, as a well-known frog once observed. It’s even less easy going green in the first place, especially if you run a fleet of expensive vehicles. If you’re feeling apprehensive about meeting your fleet sustainability targets,…

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