How Chocolate Bars Deforestation

Written by: Callie

Posted on June 27, 2013

marciel-cacao-growerOur partner villages in Peru have a surprising weapon in the fight against loggers: chocolate.

Growing in their forest gardens is criollo, the world’s finest cocoa beans. Making up a fraction of the world’s chocolate production, criollo is the most valued chocolate ingredient.

maycol-and-the-cacao-harvestThis cacao has a unique story since it is grown in rainforest protected in partnership with Cool Earth.

In the face of widespread poverty, the community of Cutivireni and its surrounding villages turned down the quick offer of cash from loggers. Instead they chose to protect their forest. Cool Earth is helping build livelihoods from their organic cacao that grows under a protected forest canopy.



solar-cacao-dryerWith Cool Earth’s support the villages have spent the last three years turning cocoa beans into the main source of income for 325 families. Production has grown to 12 tonnes a year. The focus has been on drying techniques to improve the quality of the bean and solar cacao dryers have been installed in many of the villages.

cacao-podCool Earth’s next step is to help the growers gain organic certification, boosting the price they earn from their prized criollo beans.




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