The Green Journey sponsors major green fleet award

Written by: Callie

Posted on October 2, 2014

by The Green Journey

Green Fleet Awards 2014The Green Journey, the radical new initiative by The Fuel Card Group, has sponsored “Leasing Company of the Year” in the GreenFleet Awards 2014. This prestigious award is presented annually to the leasing company that has made the biggest strides towards environmental considerations in its leasing policies.

Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, said, “Sustainability has to be recognised as a critical necessity, not an optional luxury, throughout industry and commerce. Being ‘green’ is seen as particularly challenging in the fleet sector, so it is important to recognise those organisations blazing the green trail. Leasing companies are ideally positioned to show what can be achieved. Sponsoring this Award is an obvious fit with our own mission to help fleets to take The Green Journey and meet their sustainability commitments.”

Steve Clarke was pleased to present the award to the winners, Aplhabet who had
made the biggest strides towards environmental considerations in its leasing policies.

The judging panel highly commended, Lex Autolease, LeasePlan, Arval, Fleetdrive

View photos taken at the event, here.

The Fuel Card Group, experienced in working with all types and size of fleet, has developed The Green Journey as an integrated services portfolio. These are purpose-designed to help fleet managers to meet targets and demonstrate environmental commitment. Sustainability issues are addressed through key service areas: CO2Count, CostCount, TaxCount, FuelCount and ServiceCount. Ranging from emissions to fuel consumption, they incorporate such issues as duty of care, driver behaviour, tax efficiency and even optimised servicing and maintenance.

Cool Earth, the globally renowned environmental charity, appreciates the potential of The Green Journey. Cool Earth director Matthew Owen is quite clear about the charity’s official partner. He said, “The Fuel Card Group is that very rare business that backs up its green words with green deeds. Whether it’s helping their customers on The Green Journey or working alongside Cool Earth to protect critically endangered rainforest, they walk the walk. Sponsoring “Leasing Company of the Year” is just the next step in putting sustainability at the heart of the fleet industry.”

Joining The Green Journey will help fleets with such sustainability targets as lower whole-life vehicle costs, minimised vehicle emissions, more efficient journey planning for reduced mileages, improved driver performance and greater return on investment.