Why you need to care about sustainability

Every business faces pressure on sustainability
– and any business running vehicles is a soft target

Government wants your contribution towards meeting its Kyoto 20-20-20 targets and that can only intensify. Employees, shareholders and anyone else with a stake in the business wants to know that sustainability initiatives are in place. Whatever their motivation, they are increasingly asking questions.

The ones who really matter are your customers, whoever that may be. That might mean the buyers of your services or products, or simply your own internal boss. Whoever it is, there will be somebody who wants evidence of your sustainability and has the power to compel answers.

All of these people expect the same thing from you: evidence. They want your company fleet under a sustainability spotlight – and their demands are growing. They want measurement, greater accuracy, better reporting.

What to do next

Begin with the basics. You can only show evidence of improvement using measurement, so start by checking:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions for every vehicle you manage
  • Validity and efficiency of every journey undertaken
  • Fuel consumption and mpg of each vehicle

With the right fleet management, this information will be readily available at the click of a mouse. If your system does not offer all of this, call us for further advice.


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