The Forest Gives Everything

Written by: Callie

Posted on December 4, 2014

For rainforest villages, the forest gives life

For The Green Journey’s & Cool Earth’s partner villages, the forest gives everything:

It gives shelter.

It gives food.

It gives water.

And with Cool Earth and The Fuel Card Group’s support, it gives a livelihood, which means the forest is protected from illegal loggers.

This December, we’re celebrating these gifts from the forest with a special Christmas Countdown.
We’ll be celebrating a gift each day leading up to Christmas. From bows and arrows to clothing, we’ll
reveal how the forest provides for our partner communities’ every need.


DSC_0989_forwebAdorned in Huayruro seeds, Asmilda is one lucky girl. The Ashaninka believe these seeds ward off evil and bring good luck. They use the seeds, which they call ‘Chochovaroki’, in their jewellery. Newborn babies are often made bracelets for protection.

These seeds really do bring good fortune.As well as wearing the jewellery and using it for trade with other villages, the rainforest communities we support are now able to sell their jewellery, bringing in an income stream so they can turn down offers from illegal loggers to buy their forest.
This means protection for the very forest which gave the seeds to begin with. And protection
for the people who live there, too.

A pretty important gift all round.