The Forest Gives Everything – CHATONKA

Written by: Callie

Posted on December 9, 2014

Todays Gift – CHATONKA

Chotonka is a traditional game of the Ashaninka and is like a mix of badminton and volleyball. The shuttlecock is made from reeds and eagle feathers and is tapped by hand over a high net with teams of three.

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For rainforest villages, the forest gives life

For rainforest villages, the forest gives life

For The Green Journey’s & Cool Earth’s partner villages, the forest gives everything:

It gives shelter.

It gives food.

It gives water.

It gives medicine.

And with Cool Earth and The Fuel Card Group’s support, it gives a livelihood, which means the forest is protected from illegal loggers.

This December, we’re celebrating these gifts from the forest with a special Christmas Countdown.
We’ll be celebrating a gift each day leading up to Christmas. From bows and arrows to clothing, we’ll
reveal how the forest provides for our partner communities’ every need.