The Forest Gives Everything – CAMU CAMU TREE

Written by: Callie

Posted on December 12, 2014

Todays Gift – CAMU CAMU TREE

The Camu Camu is a small riverside tree from the Amazon rainforest. Its bright red and purple berries are deliciously sweet and high in Vitamin C, making Gabriela’s climb well worth it.


For rainforest villages, the forest gives life

For rainforest villages, the forest gives life

For The Green Journey’s & Cool Earth’s partner villages, the forest gives everything:

It gives shelter.

It gives food.

It gives water.

It gives medicine.

And with Cool Earth and The Fuel Card Group’s support, it gives a livelihood, which means the forest is protected from illegal loggers.

This December, we’re celebrating these gifts from the forest with a special Christmas Countdown.
We’ll be celebrating a gift each day leading up to Christmas. From bows and arrows to clothing, we’ll
reveal how the forest provides for our partner communities’ every need.