Ford planning EV push for 2020

Written by: Callie

Posted on January 17, 2017

Ford planning EV push for 2020

Ford has announced it will be making a considerable push to enhance its range of low and zero-emission vehicles before the end of the decade.

The famed automotive manufacturer has highlighted an upgraded commitment to delivering new electrical vehicles (EVs) by 2020, including the company’s new Electrified Transit, Mustang Hybrid and F-150 Hybrid designs.

Building on the outstanding environmental credentials that EVs have become known for in recent years, the marque now wants to bring some flair to the market – something the Mustang and F-150 will undoubtedly provide.

Meanwhile, the marque will also bolster the small SUV sector, with a new model that aims to make full-electric driving achievable for everyone.

Hau Thai-Tang, group vice president of purchasing and Ford’s EV champion, said: “We are investing in solutions to help private customers as well as commercial fleet owners seamlessly incorporate these new vehicles and technologies into their lives.”

Indeed, Ford is also investing in wireless charging technology and a range of other systems to bring more EVs to the masses.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at the Green Journey, adds: “EVs have not always been the most exciting brand of vehicle since their launch not too long ago, but now Ford hopes to spice up its range and bring the excitement of high-end performance and functionality to the genre.

“We wholeheartedly approve.”


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