Football in the Peruvian rain forest

Written by: Callie

Posted on July 8, 2014

Football and Forest

With the drama of the World Cup final just around the corner, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the simplicity of the beautiful game.

Brazil spent $11 billion, there have been a record number of goals so far, and let’s not even mention the backbiting. But by the end of this week it will all be over. So now’s the time to remind you that, amongst other things, football has a key role in saving rainforest.

foot ball in the peruvian forest - co2count

Let us explain.

Football tournaments are the most reliable way of bringing villages together. There may not be goalposts, strips, or even football boots (you’ll often see friends share one shoe each) but entire communities will turn up. And invariably conversation turns to trees, cacao, school and Cool Earth.

Thanks to our friends in Peru organising these kick-arounds, the Ashaninka Project has grown to working with 15 villages throughout the Ene Valley. And it’s about to grow again, putting more forest than ever beyond the chainsaw’s reach with the help of Co2Count, The Fuel Card Group, its staff and customers.

Now that is a beautiful game.

foot ball in the forest - co2count