Written by: Callie

Posted on June 4, 2015

Sustainability and cost savings can be achieved in your fleet by carrying out an ESOS assessment, where by gathering information about your previous and current fuel consumption and mileage you can identify energy saving opportunities and act to achieve a greener fleet.

The assessment is primarily targeted at large undertakings within the UK who employ a large work force, hold a certain amount of assets or belong to a group which might qualify for the assessment.

Your company will have to complete a mandatory assessment if you:

  •  Employ over 250 staff
  • Have an annual turnover of 50m EURO and Balance Sheet of 43m EURO
  • Part of a group which meets the above

The assessment information must contain fuel and mileage records for all journeys made for business from company and personal vehicles.

You will have to compile the information in time for the deadline on the 5th December 2015 and provide your evidence to the Department of Energy and Climate Change through the specified channel.

Failure to provide your notification or supply satisfactory evidence will result in a penalty upwards of £50,000.It is essential that the data is accurate and identifies possible energy saving opportunities within your fleet enabling you to act on potential improvements and deliver savings.

If you do not qualify for the above specifications, DECC still encourages SMEs to take part in the initiative by accessing their energy spend as a further £2bn can be obtained in energy savings.

Our flexible and innovative system can accommodate any size of enterprise and provide cost effective fuel management with mileage tracking for every driver.

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