Written by: Callie

Posted on June 4, 2015

Compliance with ESOS for a large transport company means collating records of business fuel expenditure and mileage for every driver within the fleet. It is vital that the information gathered consists of business costs only and any private fuel or mileage is omitted in order to achieve accurate assessment results and identify real cost saving opportunities.

Fuel Card Sevices can be your trusted partner in achieving ESOS compliance for your fleet and ensuring all fuel and mileage records are accurately gathered and stored for easy access by providing you with innovative solutions…


Through a simple and user friendly process, every mile can be captured with the GPS capabilities of our mileage capture dongle or the MileageCount App which can be downloaded to your drivers’ smartphones. Implementing an automated process in your company’s mileage recording will save time in administration, reduce overestimation and give you a piece of mind in accuracy and compliance to ESOS and HMRC.


Complete fuel management can also be attained by keeping records of every transaction and structuring the information into clear and comprehensive reports. By introducing fuel cards to your fleet you will minimise valuable administration time in gathering fuel information, reduce fuel costs by selecting the best sites and fuels for your company, and gain transparency with your reporting.

As well as providing convenient payment, record keeping and report generation, you will also have the advantage of seamlessly integrating your fuel information with mileage recorded by the drivers to generate reports for the transport element of your ESOS assessment.


As you will no longer need to worry about recording and storing mileage and fuel information from your fleet, you can stay ahead by accessing the information through a range of available reports and a company overview dashboard.

A custom search can generate a wealth of information about your fleet including driver statistics, journey details, MPG and CO2 reports among cost, submissions and many more. Each search can be easily exported in CSV format to integrate into your current processes and assist you in management reporting.

While reports may not always be suitable for a quick query, a company dashboard will give you clear insight into key performance indicators in your fleet and assist you with fuel and cost management. By monitoring your fleet’s KPI you will be able to see where improvements have been made and costs reduced ensuring that the ESOS savings opportunities aren’t missed.

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