Electric Cars For Fleets?

Written by: Callie

Posted on October 12, 2015









With ‘diesel vs. petrol’ no longer limited to cost for sustainability-conscious fleet managers, manufacturers have news on alternatives. Nissan claims 2p per mile for the all-electric Leaf, but range is a stumbling block: up to 124 miles per charge. BMW also suggests a full charge for its i3 will cost about £2, giving up to 100 miles. Meanwhile, the Ford Focus seems to need an eight hour charge for just 75 miles. Tesla’s Model X could offer up to 230 miles, but not until 2016. Finally, Audi confidently offers 310 miles for its unnamed electric SUV, arriving in 2018.

Many fleet managers have two major reasons not to rush into ultra low emissions vehicles (ULEVs). Their manufacturing carbon footprint remains significantly higher than for normal vehicles. Secondly, internal combustion innovation is cutting emissions, reducing consumption and lowering running costs. Over vehicle lifetimes, ULEVs still lag on both sustainability and costs.


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