Why education is key in saving the world’s rainforest

Written by: Callie

Posted on April 22, 2017

For the children in Gadaisu, the trip to secondary school is no leisurely jaunt. The nearest school house in Fife Bay is a staggering six-hour hike. With the cost of boarding, it’s no wonder parents can’t afford to put their children through secondary education. But for the Gadaisu primary school teachers and parents, secondary education is at the top of the curriculum.

With A* efficiency, they created a proposal and asked the Yakolima Committee to financially support the whole of grade 8 in graduating to the next step of education. Yakolima accepted and offered Cool Earth bridge funding worth K4000 to send 17 children to secondary school or to attend vocational courses in Alotau.

During Cool Earth’s most recent visit to PNG we caught up with Jerry who had recently completed a vocational course based in Alotau. Jerry is now back in Gadaisu and making the most of her training helping out at the Dabu Bakery.

Earning more and more per-bake, the Dabu bakery is proving to be a successful business model for Gadaisu village.

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