Cool Earth

Using our CO2Count service is not just your first step in measuring and cutting emissions.

It also helps to provide a long-term positive impact on climate change, through our partnership with Cool Earth.

Watch the video to see what this help means.

Every time we issue a CO2Count Certificate, we make a donation to Europe’s fastest-growing environmental charity. We are in good company: Cool Earth is endorsed by Sir David Attenborough and celebrities from Dame Vivienne Westwood to Pamela Anderson. It has thousands of individual supporters worldwide, while other corporate helpers include the likes of Tropicana and Tesco.

Cool Earth protects immediately threatened rainforest by making the local inhabitants the owners of the land, in such a way that this land then prevents logger access to much larger tracts of neighbouring rainforest. It builds schools and clinics. It provides training. Working alongside 65 rainforest villages, it is protecting 350,000 acres of forest in the direct path of loggers.

In just our first year as an Official Partner of Cool Earth – their only partner from the automotive sector – we donated £78,764, exceeding all targets.

Our commitment to Cool Earth continues with helping them with 7 very special wishes.


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