Our Cool Earth Milestones (Part 3)

Written by: Callie

Posted on January 27, 2016

Read on to find out what Cool Earth were up to in July, August and September 2015




JULY: Growing the Shield
In July Cool Earth added a new village partnership. Oviri is the latest recruit to our Asháninka Project in central Peru. The village lies between the steep mountains along the Rio Tambo, a powerful river that joins the Urubamba.  Their 16,000 acres has grown our forest shield to secure the northerly extent of the neighbouring reserve.

This region is one the most at-risk areas on the planet. The Ene Valley, where the project is located, has 28 logging concessions in operation and, terrifyingly, a further 81 are in the process of authorisation.

Find out more about the newest village partnership here:

AUGUST: Hunting Sustainably
In Cool Earth’s Lubutu partnership, we held workshops to make sure everyone was aware of the project and what it’s trying to achieve. One outcome of these workshops was wider awareness of the rate of species extinction in the local area. A healthy forest is a bio-diverse one, and as a result of the workshops our partner villages decided to stop hunting using 12-gauge shotguns, and the use of toxic products and small-meshed fishing nets on spawning grounds, until July 2018.

The community are now using more sustainable methods of hunting and fishing, so families still have access to protein, but with less impact on the forest.

SEPTEMBER: Cool Earth Goes Global
In September Cool Earth launched their most exciting partnership to date: saving rainforest in Papua New Guinea. The Yakolima partnership is working with three villages in the Milne Bay province in East Papua New Guinea.

The launch of this partnership means Cool Earth is now saving rainforest across three continents and in all of the world’s major rainforest biomes.

Stay tuned for the final update of our 2015 milestones.