Cool Earth and CO2Count

Written by: Callie

Posted on October 28, 2013

coolearthCool Earth appointed The Fuel Card Group as its first official Partner from within the automotive industry during 2012. The company, part of the international DCC plc group, provides organisations with fuel cards which enable cut-price refuelling. Its services include CO2Count emissions reporting.

The regular CO2Count Certificate shows emitted CO2, CH4 and N2O for each vehicle in an organisation’s fleet. At a glance, the manager can see the whole fleet’s production of greenhouse gases and, month by month, emission reduction initiatives can be evaluated. For every CO2Count Certificate issued, a donation to Cool Earth funds its projects in threatened rainforests.

cool-earth-donationThe importance of the partnership is simply illustrated. In our first year of partnership, donations have totalled £78,764, which exceeded the initial target we set for ourselves.

The Fuel Card Group’s August 2013 donation of £11,600 meant support for 15 Ashaninka villages. It delivered protection for 193 acres – over 78 hectares – of Peruvian rainforest, locking in 50,180 tonnes of CO2 and generating 14,668,000 tonnes of water.

This brought the year’s donations from The Fuel Card Group to £90,364. This has enabled the protection of 1,506 acres – 610 hectares – of Ashaninka rainforest, with 391,560 tonnes of CO2 locked in.

With CO2Count, Cool Earth is transforming the future of 15 Ashaninka villages in the Ené Valley. The Ené is one of the Amazon’s biggest tributaries and the region is a deforestation hotspot. Ten years ago these villages were 200 miles from the arc of deforestation. Now, the loggers are one-mile away, threatening their forest. With the help of monthly donations from CO2Count, the loggers are being kept at bay.

To find out more about the problems facing the rainforest, and how CO2Count and Cool Earth are helping to protect the rainforest and its local communities, please visit our website.