Cool Earth – 7 Birthday Wishes

Written by: Callie

Posted on June 23, 2014

By Cool Earth

This is our seventh birthday and because of you these wishes are coming true for every child in our partner villages around the world.

Thank you The Fuelcard Group for making our birthday so special.

7 birthday wishes

1. A clean drink of water
Contamination and drought are constant problems. Thanks to you, 1,204 families have clean safe water every day of the year.

2. A school desk
From pencils to primary schools, you’ve given children free school places in every cool earth project.

3. A fish for lunch
Protein is too often in short supply. You’ve funded fish farms to give children brain building school lunches.

4. A light at night
It gets dark at six o’clock every day of the year in the tropics. So 462 solar lights have unlocked the evening for homework and play.

5. A mosquito net to sleep under
Malaria debilitates entire villages. Simple nets have cut rates of this horrible disease by 60%.

6. A family living
Improving the quality of rainforest crops like cacao, coffee and coconuts has doubled household incomes and kept the canopy safe.
and a good friend!
your FRIENDSHIP and support has saved 400,000 acres of rainforest from chainsaws and bulldozers.

Thank you from Cool Earth’s partners around the world!