You can only start to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint by measuring it.

Measurement means:

  • Complete transparency for your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ability to monitor on a continuing basis
  • Benchmark for measuring emissions reductions
  • Reliable evidence for emissions auditors

With your vehicles probably being the company’s most obvious source of greenhouse gases, measuring emissions affords an excellent opportunity to demonstrate sustainability intentions.

Controlling and reducing your fleet emissions – and collecting evidence, compliant with UK and European standards – starts with monitoring them. Using our CO2Count service makes it completely simple for any fleet from a couple of vans upwards.

In fact, you do not actually have to do anything at all. If your vehicles are refuelled using any of our fuel card products, you need only opt into the CO2Count service. Then, for a nominal fee, every refuelling invoice will be complemented by a CO2Count Certificate with precise emissions details for every vehicle across your whole fleet.

This gives you independent, third-party evidence of:

  • Amount of fuel used – diesel / petrol / gasoil / LPG
  • Amount of emissions produced – carbon dioxide (CO2) / methane (CH4) / nitrous oxide (N2O)

As well as detailed information covering the whole fleet – and each individual vehicle – you can access our online system and produce reports to your own specification. Find out more about CO2Count.

Measurement is the vital first step.


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