Chocolate – The Best Ingredient In Saving the Rainforest

Written by: Callie

Posted on April 22, 2014

Cacao-chocolateIt’s Easter. The season of chicks, bunnies and chocolate.

Whether you’re planning to gorge on eggs or not, you cannot ignore that we’re a few days away from peak chocolate. And at this gluttonous time of year, a thought should really be spared for the rainforest. After all, without rainforest there’d be no chocolate.

To grow, cacao needs two metres of rain and temperatures of around 25ºC. These are conditions that you only find in the rainforest.

What’s more, chocolate keeps the chainsaws at bay.

In our Ashaninka Project in Peru, we’ve spent four years turning cacao into the main income source for the project’s 325 families.  This ensures the forest is worth more to them kept standing than cleared for timber.

Now their prized beans have been turned into a chocolate bar. Made from cocoa grown, harvested and fermented in our project – this is the first time these beans have made it into a bar.

Exclusive, organic, single origin and handmade. They are traceable right back to our partner villages.

The bars even made it on to the front row of Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Fashion Show. They get out more than us!

“This organic, super-lovely gourmet chocolate bar has doubled local income for the Ashaninka tribe in Peru and priced out loggers.”  Vivienne Westwood

None of this would have been possible without The Fuel Card Group.

“Boosting local people’s income is the best way of keeping rainforest safe and carbon where it belongs. The Fuel Card Group’s fantastic support for our cacao programme saves trees, builds lives and just happens to produce some of the world’s best chocolate. What could be smarter?” Matthew Owen, Cool Earth Director

To find out more about tasting this rainforest saving chocolate please visit the Cool Earth website.