Branson’s brave brag

Written by: Callie

Posted on October 6, 2016


Richard Branson has never been known for going with the mainstream and keeping his head down, but even his biggest fans blinked at one recent Bransonbite. When CNN pointed its camera Bransonwards at the London ePrix, he was only too happy to expound upon the future of electric vehicles. Given his involvement and investment in this area, a bullish prediction could be expected.

Before we ponder upon his pronouncement, a little bit of context may be useful. Some countries do not release figures, but there are probably around 1.2 billion vehicles on the world’s roads. Right now, electric vehicles account for less than 0.1% of that. So, let us assume that the total of fossil fuel vehicles stops growing, which it will not do in the foreseeable future. In, that case, we only need to build 1.2 billion electric vehicles for them to account for half of the population.

Bearing that in mind, here is what Sir Richard told the good people of CNN: “Fifteen years from now, I suspect every car on the road will be electric.”

Seriously, that is what he said. He does have, of course, form in this area. It is not much more than a year since his assertion that Formula E would be bigger than Formula 1 by 2020.  Sir Richard Branson’s track record of success goes back decades, covering everything from records to railways, but this is an area where he might just be wrong.

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