Amazon Under Attack

Written by: Callie

Posted on September 16, 2013

It has been one hell of a summer. The Ashaninka have been under attack.

Assassinations, Loggers, Land grabs, Narcos, Cocaine smuggling, Gun Battles

Their forest is more at-risk than ever.

ashaninka leaders

Mauro Pio Peña was an Ashaninka leader from the village of Nuevo Amanecer Hawai. This summer he was assassinated after he kicked loggers out of his village’s territory. The hitmen are believed to have been paid £1,100. This is the price of an indigenous leader’s life who defended his people.

With Mauro’s murder, the situation has escalated rapidly with conflicts breaking out between the Ashaninka and colonists who continue to try and seize indigenous lands.

And that’s before we even get on to the narcos. The Ené Valley is fast becoming the largest cocaine-producing region of Peru, with planes leaving the region everyday laden with coca paste.

But with their way of life depending entirely on the forest, and cocaine production leading directly to deforestation, Cool Earth’s partner villages are adamant not to lose their forest for cocaine.

 “The forest is life for us.”
– Macario López Manipe, Parijaro.

Defences are going up throughout the Valley and the Ashaninka are desperately trying to drive the loggers, land grabbers and narcos from Ashaninka territory.

When Cool Earth began working in the Ené Valley in 2008 we knew the forest was under threat. We had no idea it would become ground zero for the fight against deforestation. And yet with your support our partner communities have formed an impenetrable shield to protect the forest.

To find out more about the problems facing the rainforest, and how CO2Count and Cool Earth are helping to protect the rainforest and its local communities, please visit our website.